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Why go to a moving company?

Moving can quickly become a source of stress if it is not well prepared. It is often a real upheaval: sorting, preparing the boxes, protecting the furniture … Moving is good, but you still have to have the necessary equipment for a successful move without unpleasant surprises!

When you change accommodation, you have to think about the new volumes, organize the new distribution of goods in the rooms of the house or the apartment, take care of administrative procedures etc … in short, so many stressful things to do. Asking friends or family for help can, in some cases, be all the more stressful!

You will also need a truck for transport and maybe even hire a furniture lift. For lack of means, you will then have several trips to make, wasted time and energy. A move is also a new beginning, a page that turns to a new adventure. To avoid moving rhyme with flight, take advantage of the experience of a moving company and its own equipment, adapted to your request in order to carry out your move quickly and efficiently!


Time saving

A mover will save you precious time. Thanks to his experience and know-how, he will know how to pack and unpack your things in a short time. Depending on the formula chosen, the latter may also not disassemble your furniture and pass them through the windows using a basket.

Better organization

Better organization A successful move and move in is above all a good organization before, during and after. A professional will be able to tell you the steps to follow, the items to pack first, etc.

Adapted formulas

According to the company, there are a number of offers that range from packing, unpacking your things and assembling your furniture in your new home. Do not hesitate to contact her for any clarification.

Less stress

Addressing a competent team means delegating your move and avoiding any worries caused by this event.

Entreprise de déménagement

Are you going to move soon? You don’t know where to start, feel overwhelmed and need a helping hand from the professionals? Use a moving company such as Déménagements Lux Roland in Alsace, which offers significant advantages.

The company provides, according to your needs:

  • local move
  • regional move
  • national move
  • international move